Laser Diagnostic Laboratory was one of foundational laboratories of Laser Physics Department in MEPhI. Initially laboratory was specialized in optical diagnostics of plasma thus developing broad competence in spectroscopy, interferometry, polarometry and data processing areas. As result of laboratory activities several unique measurement devices and facilities were created and new measurement techniques were developed.
In following years accumulated experience of instrumentation design was implemented for developing various measuring systems, and domain of competence was further expanded including developing of automation systems, complex optical system, HF and microwave electronics, computer simulation and specialized software development.
After winning in 2011 FASIE contest (russian startup competetion) group of laboratory members have founded Laser Eye LLC — small enterprise aimed at commercialization of research activities of the laboratory. Since that time area of interest of the Laser Diagnostic Laboratory and Laser Eye LLC have significantly broadened. Together we have implemented variuos projects in nanometrology, optical elements quality inspection, materials surface inspection, acoustics and others. Among the most prominent achievements are creation of the two natonal measurement standards, which are currently utilized in VNIIFTRI and VNIIMS — russian state metrology institutes. Besides scientific problems our professional expertise allows us to solve complicated industrial tasks requiring measurements of extreme accuracy — as currently used LaserEyeProf quality control system for graphite electrodes nipples at Novocherkassk Electrode Plant.
We are always open to new prospects and partnership and willing to solve complex tasks and create automated measurement and technological systems.